Quincy Officials Plan To Spend $145 Million To Develop Downtown

Mayor Thomas Koch and his team have a new urban renewal plan for Quincy Center which calls for spending $145 million in public investments that officials promise to repay using profits made from private development. The plan was announced on 10 June by Dennis Harrington, City Planning Director for Quincy, and replaces the former proposal by Street-Works which was abandoned when they failed to come up with financing.

The city proposes to fund the $145 million plan through three sources:

Central Middle School Approved For Condos

On 3 June, the Quincy Conservation Commission approved an order of conditions for a project by Edgewood Development Co. that proposes to renovate the former Central Middle School building into condominiums. Based in Plainville, Edgewood Development Co. purchased the property at 1022 Hancock Street last year from the city for $3 million. The proposal calls for the 121-year-old building to be developed as 46 condos and must also be approved by Quincy’s zoning and planning boards. The hearing by the planning board regarding the Edgewood development will resume tonight.

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please support the quincy taxpayers association

Please Support the Quincy Taxpayers Association